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Randolph Wedding Cake decorations

Piped decorations:
Pictured on this website are just a few of the decoration options available to choose from. These decorations are representational, if you would like to change the colors or design elements you may do so. Many times we can create a custom decoration if a picture is provided. However, we cannot pipe licensed or copyrighted figures.

Edible Scanning Decorations:
You have the option of having a scanned image added to your cake. Some authorized characters are available to be scanned on to edible fondant paper. Call to find out which characters are offered currently. In addition, we can scan your personal photo to be the decoration on the cake. The quality of the image provided effects the quality of the scanned decoration. The smallest picture you can provide us with is wallet size up to an 8x10. Glossy photo paper provides the best image outcome, and your or photos will be returned upon cake pick-up.

The use of Vanilla buttercream or white fondant is recommended for decorations with sceneries. An additional fondant layer is required for decorations on mousse cakes, shortcakes, and symphony cakes. Please note, we do remove the fruit or chocolate shavings from the top surface so that we are able to decorate the cake.


  • We offer many different types of floral decorations that can be ordered with just 24 hours advance notice.
  • Most piped icing figures are available Wednesday through Saturday with at least 24 hours advance notice. Piped figures needed for Sunday, Monday or Tuesday must be ordered by Saturday afternoon. More notice may be required during holiday seasons and legal holidays.
  • Most authorized scans for weekday orders require at least 24 hours notice. Scans needed on orders for Sunday and legal holidays will require at least 48 hours notice.
  • Pricing:
    All decoration costs are added to the price of the cake.

  • Writing is an additional $1.00 per every five words.
  • Basic floral decorations usually range from $3.00-$8.00.
  • Most figures start at $25.00, although more complex figures increase the price. We do not offer piped icing figures of the human body such as: people, fairies, mermaids, dolls, etc.
  • Scans range between $16.00-$18.00
  • ** Please call for exact pricing.
  • No refunds or changes on orders without at least 24 hours notice for piped decorations and scans. Sorry, there can be no exceptions.